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A limited package for the first 50 early birds registered by end of 2023!

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

You already know we're hosting a meetup for vintage Indian Motorcycles, celebrating classics that have more stories than your grandpa's garage.

But here's the twist of the throttle 😊 the first 50 road rebels registered prior 2023 dusk not only secure a spot at the hottest two-wheeled shindig in town but also snag a prize so coveted, it's like finding a kickstand in quicksand.

So, fire up those Indian Fours, polish those chrome accents on your Chiefs, channel the spirit of the Scouts, and roll on down for a night of classic bikes, legendary laughs, and the first 50 riders leaving with something shinier than a brand-new headlight. It's time to make Indian Motorcycle history, one classic model at a time!"

We promise you won´t be dissatisfied! 😊

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