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Ore Mountains

What do we prepare for you? As the city Most is situated at the foothill of Ore Mountains, there will be route proposed for a trip to climb the ridge of the massive mountain range. Just be aware that only very powerfull and reliable Indian hillclimbers will succeed to reach the very summit of the highest Ore Mountains peak – Klínovec (1244 meters above the see level). See next pages for details, or visit websites:

Montanregion Krušné hory

Ore Mountains - UNESCO Czech heritage

Advertizing from late 1920´s, 

proposing for a club trip aiming to the Ore Mountains, including the summit of the highest peak – Klínovec (1244 meters above see level).
If you trust your Iron Redskin, its stamina, power and hillclimbing skills, then a trip to this place will reward you with stunning views, joy of multiple hairpin curves and ride in a beautiful nature.

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UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List

In 2019, the Ore Mountains  Mining Region was inscribed on UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List, as a joint heritage of the Czech Republic and Germany. This award testifies not only to the achievements of many generations of miners in the past (12th to the 20th century) and the extraordinary global importance of mining in the Ore Mountains from the Renaissance to modern times, but also to the tireless efforts of the people on both sides of the Saxon/Czech border over many decades to preserve this unique historical legacy.


Choose the route to climb the ridge of the massive mountain range. Once atop the summit of the highest peak – Klínovec (1244 meters above see level), the panoramic views of rolling hills, valleys, and distant towns are awe-inspiring. Climbing the hills, enjoying the hairpin curves – this is the eden for orthodox, red-blooded riders .



The Ore Mountains (German: Erzgebirge, Czech: Krušné hory) lie along the Czech–German border, separating the historical regions of Bohemia in the Czech Republic and Saxony in Germany. The highest peak is the Klínovec in the Czech Republic, with summit at 1,244 meters above sea level.

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