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The MID-BOHEMIAN HIGHLANDS is a beautiful region in the northern part of the Czech Republic, where volcanic hills and mountains rise from a flat landscape. It is a place full of contrasts, history and natural beauty.

The MID-BOHEMIAN HIGHLANDS is a tourist area that stretches from Ústí nad Labem in the east to the regions of Žatec and Louny in the west1. This region, known for growing hops, wine and fruit, is rightly proud of the title "Garden of Bohemia".

The main tourist attraction is the protected landscape area of the MID-BOHEMIAN HIGHLANDS , a region of formerly active and now extinct volcanoes. The shape of the landscape is one of the most distinctive and at the same time the most beautiful in the Czech Republic.


The peak of Milešovka hill can rightly be called the queen of the area. Not only because of its height, but also because of its beautiful conical shape. On clear days, you can have a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside from the top.


The MID-BOHEMIAN HIGHLANDS, land of fire and water,where volcanoes were born from the depths of the earth,and where the Elbe flows, a living silver cord,which connects towns, villages and castles.

The MID-BOHEMIAN HIGHLANDS, the land of forests and meadows,where flowers, fruit and grain grow,and where animals and birds and insects live,which form a rich mosaic of life.


The MID-BOHEMIAN HIGHLANDS , land of people and culture,where Czechs, Germans and Slavs meet,and where history, tradition and art are reflected,which give the region a unique atmosphere.

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